JRD Tata, one of India’s foremost pilots who started India’s first airline

For the past four years Parzor’s Craft Documentation programme has also continued across India. Ashdeen Lilaowala and other researchers, have recorded Parsi crafts in areas ranging from Navsari to Madras. Parsi crafts and their designs are a special contribution of this community, which have so far not received the acknowledgement deserved. Garas, Kors, Jhablas carry specific designs, which are often found on Tanchoi fabrics, Torans and even chalk boxes. Can this be just a coincidence? Parsis today seem to forget a great tradition of creativity, which has produced beautiful crafts in the past. The aim of the crafts module of the Parzor Project is to rekindle interest and pride in this tradition while at the same time recording it for posterity.
In the first ever-serious research into the origin, history, development and technique of what is known as Parsi embroidery, the Parzor Project has traveled across India and plans many more field trips in the country while also tracing roots and routes from Yazd and Kerman in Iran to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Canton in China. Many discoveries have already been made.
A new dimension has now been added to the work of the Parzor Foundation. Mrs. Ava Khullar has begun and coordinated this Module in which we are reviving Parsi Textile and embroidery and producing items which can be made available to you. The work was initiated as a follow up of the Parzor DC Handicrafts workshops held across India. The trained workers have been given employment in Delhi and Mumbai to create textile accessories, household items, pictures and diaries with embroidery done using Parsi designs. Training workshops have been held at various venues.
Mrs. Khullar has met with Mrs. Feroza Mody and is working out a collaboration to spread awareness of this Heritage and contemporize the items which will also be made available at Contemporary Crafts, Mumbai.
Please use the links in this article above to learn more about these workshops, available embroidery and craft items, an image gallery and papers and articles that have been published or presented at various occasions.