Immunogenetic Study: Molecular Typing Of Hla Alleles Of Parsi Women With Breast Cancer

Funded by: The Lady Tata Memorial Trust, Mumbai. (Aug. 2001- July 2004)
Supported by UNESCO assisted PARZOR project.

The project work is being carried out at the Cancer Research Institute, Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai. It has approval of the scientific and ethics committees of the Tata Memorial Hospital. The authorities and several doctors at the Parsi General Hospital as well as doctors elsewhere have agreed to help in this study.

The project involves study of function of a group of white blood cells that are important for protection against cancers along with analysis of related genes viz. genes of the Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) complex. The cells and the DNA to carry out the experiments are obtained from venous blood (10-20cc). Work plan involves study of 40 breast patients (age < 65 yrs; diagnosed after June 2000) and 150-200 women without any cancer and major / acute health problem (age of 50-70 yrs) from Parsi community.

From the study subjects, after an informed consent blood is collected (once only) for the purpose of proposed studies. (Refer to page 2 & 3 for a copy of the consent form). A brief health history relevant to the research is also taken. Blood collection is done with maximum care at a place and time convenient to the participants. Personal information collected is kept confidential.

The results of this study will establish a database of HLA types and their combinations present in the Parsi community. The HLA database is an extremely important and useful set of information since matching of the HLA types is critical for tissue and bone marrow transplants. Equally important is the DNA bank that will be generated in the course of this work. This will be useful in future for study of several genes that serve as markers in genetic testing. The work is also expected to provide better understanding of the cells, molecules and genes important for protection against breast cancer.

The working team consists of Dr. Narendra Joshi form the Cancer Research Institute with Dr. S. H. Advani, and Dr. R. A. Badwe from Tata Memorial Hospital. Dr. J.V. Undeviya, who has extensive experience of hematological studies in Parsi community and Dr. B. B. Yeole from Bombay Cancer Registry are contributing as advisors.

Members interested in participating or helping in the study or for queries / details may contact the principal investigator Dr. Narendra N. Joshi at office (412 3803 Ext. 208) or at home (540 0398) or by e-mail at

Consent for Participation in Immunogenetic Studies in Breast Cancer Patients from Parsi Community:

Immunology is a study of body’s defense mechanism, mainly the function of the white blood cells. This project to study immunological aspects and their genetic basis in relation to breast cancer in patients from Parsi community is being carried out in the Immunology Division of the Cancer Research Institute, Tata Memorial Centre, Parel, Mumbai. Clinicians (specialists) from the Tata Memorial Hospital are also participating in it. The Scientific and Ethics Review Committees of the Tata Memorial Hospital have approved this project. The organizers of “UNESCO Assisted Project For Preserving Parsi Zoroastrian Culture and Heritage” have also endorsed this project.
In our laboratory we have studied functions of white blood cells in cancer patients and their family members and have obtained results that demand further investigations. Therefore, we wish to conduct immunogenetic studies that include analysis of genes of the Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA), which are like blood group A/B/O types and other genes as well as functions of white blood cells relevant to immunity against cancer. HLA typing can give important information to understand the function of white blood cells. It is also important in organ transplantation and has application in design of vaccines.
In this type of a genetic analysis, it is necessary to study ethnically selected group of individuals. We are currently studying breast cancer patients from the Parsi community. We would like to request you to donate 10ml. blood (only once) for our study. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Important Points about the study:

The tests do not involve any fees or charges.

Blood will be collected by a trained person and will not cause any harm to you.

We assure complete confidentiality. This document consisting of the consent form and health related information has been designed to that effect. No personal information of the participant will be published or revealed to a third party or in a report / research communication.

The test results are meant for research purpose.

The tests are analytical in nature and not diagnostic. Therefore, the results will not influence the treatment plan.

We will be happy to answer any questions, provide relevant information and guide the participants in seeking help from the experts at the Tata Memorial Hospital.

Consent of the participant:

I ________________________________________(M/F) ( yrs), have read and understood the objectives of the research project. The investigator has explained and discussed the project with me. I agree to participate in the project by donating 10 ml blood for the study.

Signed by :

Witnessed by:

Signature of the Researcher: