Archival Material

Creating awareness about the urgency of preserving the tangible heritage of the Parsis for posterity is one of the most important aims of Parzor. Tangible heritage material can range from manuscripts, paintings, photographs, and personal libraries to heritage sites; textiles, embroidery, jewellery, silver, old traditional furniture and artifacts, even old post cards and toys are included.

Print material and some artifacts have been donated to the archives-all these materials are available for the use of scholars and all those interested. Scholars and researchers have already been working at the archives and publications, both Indian and foreign, approach the Parzor archives for assistance with visual material.
The Parzor archives contain play scripts, which include Harishchandra, Jehangir, Behram Gore and Banoo Hoshang as well as Romeo and Juliet all printed between 1871-1876. There are handwritten scripts of several others in the archives. Yezdi Karanjia and his troupe in Surat have agreed to be source persons for details on Parsi Theatre while the Faculty of Performing Arts, MS University will assist research on its collection of sets and props.

Also do visit the Meherjirana Library Section and find out the work we have managed to do for the valuable archival material there. This is a treasure trove of Avesta, Pahlavi and Pazend manuscripts. The original ‘Sanad of Emperor Akbar’, issued to the First Dastoor Meherjirana, housed here was one of the rare finds.