Prophet Zarathushtra

The Preservation of Culture and Heritage in an increasingly mono-cultural modern world is the challenge facing communities today. UNESCO, New Delhi, has initiated the “PARZOR Project” as Project 302 IND 4070 entitled “Preservation of Parsi Zoroastrian Heritage – Campaigns and International Conventions.” Followers of the Bronze Age Prophet Zarathushtra of Iran, the Parsi – Zoroastrians are one of the distinct threads in the tapestry of multicultural India. With the central tenet of ‘Humata, Hukta, Huvarsta’ (Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds), Zoroastrianism has survived from pre-history with its core beliefs still intact. As a driving force that impels its followers to excel in all fields of human endeavor and contribute vastly for the benefit of humankind, the community in India is found to be declining at alarming rates. While the Parsi-Zoroastrians are less than 0.01% of the Indian population, the loss in numbers is of 10% of its population in each decennial census.


While the Project started with the aim of recording and reviving interest in the Parsi Zoroastrian community in India, there has been an overwhelming response from other parts of the Indian subcontinent and the worldwide Diaspora.


From the tangible such as demographics (macro) to intangible cultural heritage(micro), we have encouraged scholars, the media, publishers and those interested in culture. Along with preservation, the attempt has been to revive the multicultural ethos that makes the unique ethnic and cultural identity of the Parsi-Zoroastrians. While we strive to make our community Return to Roots, we also envisage re-establishing contact with Iran, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan where the Zoroastrian links are being seen as a part of culture and history of the region.The Parsi – Zoroastrian Project intends to generate an awareness of this miniscule minority. While we look at popular narratives found in Modern Indian History, we also attempt to foreground the everyday life and skills of the dynamic community including and not limited to Religion and Priesthood, Textiles and Embroidery or Arts and Crafts.


We invite you to participate in our constructive pursuit of creating a revival of interest within the community, country and the world.