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Parsi Embroidery Items

Parsi embroidery is an artistic and cultural amalgamation of three unique design traditions- Iranian, Chinese and European. This has resulted in a distinctive style which blends nature’s creations, birds- real and exotic, flowers, plant life and animals with elements of mythology. These motifs are skilfully embroidered on the kors, garas, jhablas and ijars to be found in Parsi homes. Parsi embroidery is truly an intercultural art form, which has descended from Acaemenian times in an unbroken continuum. Originally the items came to the Parsis of India as precious pieces ordered and imported from China. With the end of Parsi trading in China this link is now gone and it is imperative to ensure that this tradition of embroidery is not lost forever. Its revival and survival has been undertaken by Parzor Foundation. Parzor Crafts trains craft persons to revive Parsi embroidery in contemporary adaptations of original designs for home furnishings accessories and items for home decoration.The revival of this craft not only serves the purpose of preserving this craft heritage but also encourages pride and appreciation of the craft among members of the community as also giving employment and livelihood to craft persons.

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