Parzor Foundation

Navroze Mubarak – 2017

March 18, 2018  9:07 pm

    Parzor won the UNESCO International Award for Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) for India, due to its documentation of Navroze, with the festival on 21st March, being declared by the 71st UN General Assembly, to be considered ‘The International Festival of Spring’ since 2009.

    Our work has always continued through the kind and generous donations of our supporters, who wish to revive this rich culture.

    These Navroze cards are a kind donation of Mrs Khorshed Behram Wadia by her daughter Mrs Navaz Gherda. They have a special significance to our Archives and are important documents of the future.

    The cards bear the blessing of Navroze in gujarati from the sender to the receiver conveying good wishes, health and prosperity to the receiver and their family.

    Parzor, wishes all a healthy and prosperous Navroze Mubarak 2017.