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Message from the Vice President of Iran

March 31, 2016  7:13 pm

    In the Name of God

    In the contemporary world where geographical boundaries try to divide nations, culture has always been the most important barrier to such division. It breaks into all geographical boundaries so that the time and space components too have failed to hinder its movement.


    Iran too has constantly consolidated its relations with other nations based on cultural interactions. Among outstanding highlights of this interaction is the sublime position of neighborhood which spreads its common shadow all over the elements of life.


    Our relations with the people of India bespeak this neighborhood and the relationship with the Parsis of India is beyond neighborhood and is rather a family relationship. The large Iranian family, for productivity and fertility at certain historical junctures, has chosen a territory in order to take advantage of the status quo and prepare the ground for the cultural growth of their motherland.


    The “International Everlasting Flame Program India 2016” has been set up by the beloved Persians in India. Numerous Iranian works that have been put together in this exhibition including some submitted by the National Museum of Iran and Anjuman Zartoshti (Tehran) are an indication of this culture and a sign of this interaction.


    It is hoped that this event will serve as a new step to bring closer members of this large family and its flame will warm up its meetings. Nowruz which is the most important pretext of this exhibition has been the most important cultural event of Iranians in history. At present it is officially celebrated in five countries and marks the beginning of the New Year. It is a symbol of the nature; it is unique and an indication of the Iranian outlook about life.


    On the eve of the New Year, I wish success, happiness and prosperity for all the esteemed participants in this program, those who have set up the exhibition, conference… all the beloved Parsis in India and all the Iranians around the world. I sincerely thank you for your efforts to promote the Iranian culture.


    Dr. Masoud Soltanifar

    Vice President Islamic Republic Iran


    General Director of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization