Jiyo Parsi scheme initiated to increase the Zoroastrian community population in India

ON 30/07/2017 IN NEWS NATION

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Jiyo Parsi scheme initiated to encourage Parsis for having more babies to increase population in India


New Delhi : After noticing a considerable decrease in its population in India, the Parsi community has recently initiated a scheme for its people asking them to have more babies in order to become a strong and influential community in the country. According to 2011 census, only 57,264 Parsis currently exist in India.


In order to encourage Parsis reagarding the matter, an event namely ‘Jiyo Parsi’ also took place in Mumbai which motivates young Parsi couples to marry and get babies with a peoper family planning at an early age.


Besides a bunch of youngsters, a lot of prominent people from the community were also present in the event. Ministry of Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi was the principal guest of the programme.


While most of the Indian communities are increasing their numbers, Parsis are about to be dissolved in the country. According to Prsi community leaders this is a great reason to get worried and some necessary and effective steps should be taken to control the matter further.


The scheme was initiated to expand the Parsi populations in the country and people were advised to adopt scientific medical protocols and structured interventions to be succeeded in the matter.


Talking about the same Sam Balsara, chairman and managing director of Madison has said, “Jiyo Parsi is awareness campaign for the community. Every year Parsi population is going down. With the initiative, we are encouraging young Parsi couples to marry at right time and have more babies. Also, couples, who are married should, do proper family planning and have babies. Few people think of marrying late, but when they get old, their marriages don’t happen, they feel alone, therefore community people should get married early and have happy family.”


“Our government looks after all the communities. However, when we look at the population of Parsi community, the condition is pretty bad. Therefore, our government for the better future of the Parsi community will help them in every possible ways. We will give them financial support, to make add films etc. The message should be spread amongst the the whole community,” Minister of Minority Affairs Abbas Naqvi was quoted while interacting with reporters.


Besides Balsara and Abbas, actress, anchor and prominent figure of the community Parizad Kolah has also shared her views regarding the matter saying “With the Jiyo Parsi event, we are spreading awareness amongst the community. We are making them understand how bad the condition of Parsi community is in term of population. At proper age people should get married and have proper family planning.”


Though day by day the community is lossing its existence, leaders are giving their best to preserve the community and several other steps will also be taken in near future.


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