Parzor Foundation

Jamshed-i-Navroze Feast Parsi Lagan-nu-Bhonu

March 9, 2016  12:26 pm

    The Everlasting Flame International Programme, besides the three exhibitions, includes several cultural and educational events, as well as a Navroze dinner, a traditional sit down Lagan-nu-Bhonu catered by Farrokh Khambata of JOSS, Mumbai at Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, 1 Janpath, New Delhi. Most events are free of charge and open to all. Registration is required for some of the events. Pre-Registration is required for the Navroze dinner as explained below.
    Parsi feasting finds its zenith in the famous Parsi Lagan-nu-Bhonu. Served in the traditional fashion on banana leaves instead of plates, on rows of white linen-draped tables, the feast on the 21st March on the occasion of Navroze or the Parsi New Year at IGNCA will include many of the traditional Parsi dishes. From Mutton Pulao and Dhansak Dal, Kid Nu Gosht, Jardaloo Sali Chicken, Patra Ni Macchi to Tamota Par Eeda it’s a mouth-watering spread for the carnivores. The vegetarians will be treated to the traditional Parsi Lagan Nu Stew, Vegetarian Pulao with Dhansak Dal, Patra Nu Paneer, special Parsi Shaak and Oombhariyu. At the end, Lagan Nu Custard and Malai Kulfi will satisfy your sweet tooth. The traditional Parsi Cold Drinks of Ice Cream Soda, Vimtoo and Raspberry have specially been brought in for the feast.


    Jamva Chalo ji! Come, Eat & Enjoy!