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India-Iran relations marked by meaningful, old and firm interactions span close to 70 years. The two countries shared a border till 1947 and share several common features in their language, culture, and traditions. India and Iran established diplomatic links on March 15, 1950. To celebrate this momentous occasion, partners, Embassy of the Republic of Iran, New Delhi and Parzor Foundation will hold an Indo-Iranian Art and Cultural Festival in February 2020.

Members at the meeting: Dr. Mohammad Rabbani, Dr. Shernaz Cama, Mr M.Hekmat, Mr Dadi Padumjee, Mr Khajeh Piri, Ms Mahdieh Khajeh Piri, Ms Asal Amiri Badkhor along with members of the Delhi Parsi Anjuman

Iran: Land of Culture, Beauty & Charm Exhibition
14 November 2019, New Delhi

Dr. Shernaz Cama, Executive Director, Parzor Foundation recently addressed an audience as Guest of Honour at the ‘Iran: Land of Culture, Beauty & Charm’, a one day cultural and tourism event and handicrafts exhibition organized by Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran, New DelhiIran Culture House New Delhi on 14 November in New Delhi.